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Suite 1

ZAR 1900 (single)
ZAR 2800 (double)

Room 2

ZAR 1500 (single)
ZAR 2100 (double)

Room 3

ZAR 1500 (single)
ZAR 2100 (double)

Room 4

ZAR 1450 (single)
ZAR 2000 (double)

Room 5

ZAR 1600 (single)
ZAR 2300 (double)

Room 6

ZAR 1650 (single)
ZAR 2400 (double)

Room 7

ZAR 1700 (single)
ZAR 2400 (double)

Our commitment to every guest

Our aim is to give you an unforgettable experience in a serene, relaxed environment where you can feel at home.